Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lesotho Update

Dear Pray-ers,

  • Thank you so much for praying about the political situation here.  Though the problems have not been solved, things are much more calm again.  The curfew was lifted last week, and there haven't been near as many military check points.  Praise God for this answer to prayer!  Please do continue to pray for these problems.
  • Help us praise the Lord for a good sense of unity among the pastors.  For a while it seemed that satan had sowed seeds of disunity that could bring a lot of damage to God's Kingdom.
  • A team of young people from a church in South Africa are visiting the Marais' and us to help with outreaches in Lesotho.  Please pray much for these young people.  Ask God to make them a blessing and also pray that this will be a time of spiritual growth for them.  Pray that we missionaries will live so close to Jesus that it will make them hunger and thirst for righteousness.
  • Pray for the annual ladies conference this weekend.
  • Continue praying for revival in Lesotho. 
  • Pray much for the upcoming Bible distribution trip to Zimbabwe.  Our departure date has changed to the 17th of July instead of the 10th.  
  • We got snow yesterday!  No, it wasn't very much, but enough to make snowmen.  It hasn't snowed this much here in the lowlands since 1996, so it was quite an event!

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