Monday, October 31, 2016

Training and Outreach at Mants'onyane Lesotho

 This past weekend Valera Motovilov and I helped the nondenominational Lesotho Theological Education by Extension Committee facilitate a training seminar and outreach in the village of Ha Thabo near Mants'onyane.  The Theological Education by Extension Committee holds training seminars three or four times a year for students to write exams, receive further training, and have uplifting fellowship.  It was decided that this quarter, we would hold the seminar out in the rural mountains of Lesotho at the church where one of the students pastors.
The red star shows approximately where Mants'onyane is.

The theme of the seminar was "Look Up and See the Fields which Are White Unto Harvest."  The emphasis was the great need to plant evangelical churches in the mountainous parts of Lesotho.  To make this practical for the students, we helped the local church with an outreach campaign Saturday evening.

Since there were still two seats in the chartered taxi,
we went in the taxi rather than take our own vehicle.

Yes, those seats are pretty tight for long-legged
fellows like Valera and me!
Group photo

The road was so bad that we had to walk the last half-mile or so.
The Salt and Light Mission Station at Ha Thabo, Mants'onyane
Ntate Joseph's accordion and singing drew a
crowd for the evangelistic campaign.
Showing the Jesus Film
Walking back to the taxi. The scenery was incredible!
A panoramic view from near Mants'onyane.  (Click to enlarge)