Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lesotho Update

Dear Friends,
This is going to have to be short.  Just the same, we really appreciate your prayers!

Our urgent prayer request for the moment concerns the political situation in Lesotho.  On Saturday the 16th the Government of Lesotho declared a state of emergency and is imposing a 6pm to 6am curfew.  No travel is allowed on foot or by road during that time without a special permit.  The reason they declared the state of emergency is that several government ministers have been attacked or had property stolen.  I think one or two had cars stolen, and several of their body guards were attacked, kidnapped, etc.  Also I heard that an army base somewhere had a lot of weapons stolen.  Supposedly this curfew will help the situation.  There are also army check points where people are being searched for weapons, etc.

At the moment, the situation is not that dangerous to us.  The violence has been limited to government people and we think that the whole thing may be motivated more by politics than an emergency.  The majority of people who own vehicles and taxis belong to the opposition party.  We suspect that the curfew is kind of aimed at them.  Nevertheless, African politics are by nature unpredictable and can turn violent very easily.  Please pray much for this situation!

Sunday the 10th of June I went with two of the pastors to our congregation near Mapoteng.  God is really at work in the village there, and I was very encouraged at the progress this congregation has made.  Help us praise the Lord for this!

Thanks again for your prayers!

Glenn, Stephanie, and Kaitlyn Gault

Hope International Missions

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