Sunday, February 14, 2016

Deputation Schedule

Here is a schedule to give you a little idea where we (Glenn and Pastor Kali) will be traveling on deputation:

14 February AM         Wesleyan Bible Church, Tulsa OK
14 February PM         Calvary Bible Fellowship, Oklahoma City, OK
16 February PM         Foothills Missionary Church, Colorado Springs, CO
19 February PM         Rock Creek Holiness Meeting, Ottawa, KS
21 February AM         Bible Holiness Church, East Moline, IL
21 February PM         Pilgrim Holiness Church, Robinson, IL
24 February PM         Pastor Yohe, Lima, OH
25 February PM         ICHA Ministerial, Plainfield, IN
28 February AM          Bible Methodist Church, Talladega, AL
28 February PM          Bible Methodist Church, West Blockton, AL
2 March PM                Pastor Thornton, Somerset, KY
4 March PM                Emmanuel Association, New Philadelphia, OH
6 March AM                God's Missionary Church, Lehighton, PA
6 March PM                God's Missionary Church, Beavertown, PA
8 March AM                PVBI Chapel,  Penns Creek, PA
9 March AM                World Religions Class, PVBI
9 March PM                God's Missionary Church, Newville, PA
13 March PM              God's Missionary Church, Sunbury, PA

We begin the long journey back to Lesotho on 14 March from Harrisburg, PA

If you have any questions, you can contact me with this contact form.

Friday, February 12, 2016

November to January Newsletter

Dear Friends,

You can download our most recent newsletter by clicking this link.  You can also view the newsletter directly in your browser here.

Hope you enjoy!