Friday, June 1, 2007

A Few Pix

Kaitlyn says, "Look at my pony tails!"

This is Kaitlyn with Limpho, Nt. Kosi' boy.

If any of you have read our most recent newsletter on the web site, here's a follow-up of the funeral.


lettydru said...

Hi Glenn, Steph, and Kaitlyn!

I enjoy reading the news on your blog from time to sound busy, and we know what that is like! Kaitlyn is growing up so fast and I know you are enjoying her so much. Grandma and Granpa Stratton have got to be wanting to smother her with hugs! Our love to you all and may God give you daily strength and encouragement as you labor there.

Your friends,
Philip and Collette Burch

Paula said...

Good words.