Saturday, June 27, 2015

Prayer and Praise Update

Dear Praying Friends,
Thank you so much for your faithful prayers even when we don't send out regular updates!  Between adopting Caleb and hosting a TLC team, our lives have been very busy and very happy.  God has blessed us richly!
  • There has been a very special time of revival at Hobhouse, South Africa over the last several months.  New people have been coming to church, people have been getting saved every Sunday, and Christians have been growing deeper.  I also believe some of the leaders in the church have gotten sanctified.
  • The TLC team helped us with a successful 3-day VBS/children's ministry campaign in the village of Malimong.  More than eighty children attended, and some parents and grandparents also enjoyed the services. 
  • God miraculously provided running water for us while the TLC team has been here!  We are grateful for this providence from our loving Father!
  • The thing that motivated me to write this prayer and praise update is the unstable political situation in Lesotho.  We have written about this on our blog here, here, and here if you are interested in the details.  Back in February South Africa helped to negotiate elections, but this didn't really deal with the root cause of the instability.  Things are getting worse lately with several high profile people being assassinated.  We are quite troubled by the direction things are going, and fear that there could be wide-spread violence unless the Lord intervenes.  Would you PLEASE pray for peace in Lesotho and a true resolution to the problems that have caused violence in Lesotho both now and in the past.
  • Pray for the TLC team as they begin their journey back to America tomorrow. 
Thank you so much!
Glenn, Stephanie, Kaitlyn, Kristell, and Caleb Gault
Hope International Missions

Monday, June 22, 2015

Touching Lives for Christ Team Part 2

Half the team went with Glenn to Ha Ntsabane this
Sunday.  They taught the children's Sunday School class.
The rest of the team with Nt. Thaisi to Ha Lihanela.

We started a 3-day VBS at Malimong today.

John did a great job of telling the story 
of Noah and the Ark

Attendance was good for the first day.  Around 60
children showed up.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Touching Lives for Christ Team

Right now we are hosting a Touching Lives for Christ short-term missions team.  They are a great group, and they've helped us a LOT!  Here's a few pictures.

Today part of the team painted the porch of our house.

Others worked on child evangelism material.

The married ladies had a seminar this past Saturday.

Mrs. Grant was the main speaker at the ladies' seminar.

Caleb is enjoying all the attention!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Support Us Link Fixed

Someone recently alerted us to the fact that the "Support Us" Paypal link on our blog and website were no longer working.  This was a result of FEA Ministries revamping their website.  I have repaired the link, so if you want to donate, go ahead and click it over there in the side bar! :-)