Friday, April 28, 2017

Two Years with Caleb Ts'epo

Can it be?  Already two years?  Only two years?  Thank you God for giving us Caleb Ts'epo.  He's a VERY special part of our family!  And perhaps the most special part of two years with Caleb is that we can apply for his immigrant visa now.  Please pray that everything will go quickly so he can go meet the rest of the family in America!
This boy loves anything that moves!  Trucks, tractors, bulldozers...
His Oupa Piet would say he's a "petrol head like his daddy!"

Fixing his motorcycle.  Good thing he has a sister to jack it up for him!
We celebrated the day with pizza!
Photo credit: Engage Media Team, November 2016

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Class of 2016

The graduation ceremony for the Covenant Bible College Class of 2016 was held as part of our annual Easter Conference.  Only four graduates managed to complete the four-year course!  We are very proud of their hard work and perseverance!  Join us in praying that they will be fruitful in God's Kingdom work.

Class of 2016
L to R:  Prof. Kali Nthabi, Pastor Ntutsoe Namane, Miss Lintle Maseka,
Mr. Ts'eliso Qhobosheane, Pastor Manti Matmane, and Prof. Glenn Gault 
Rev. Manti Matamane was the valedictorian.  He is HIM's
pastor at Mazenod.
After the service everyone was invited to enjoy a meal.
Samp (hominy), pumpkin, beets, pork, chicken and another salad
were on the menu.
The service was well attended.
Many people sat outside the tent on the ground.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Answer to Prayer

A clear answer to prayer!  The transformer was replaced today--
Good Friday!

Lesotho Update

Dear praying friends,

Autumn greetings from Lesotho!  Our weather seems a little mixed up at the moment.  Normally fall brings cool, dry, sunny weather.  The last couple days we have had the cool, but not the dry or sunny!  We've had an inch of rain since the weekend and no sunshine.  It's supposed to get down in the 30s later this week with a chance of snow in the high moutains.  I guess we'll see.


  • Ntate Kali was the main speaker at a weekend prayer conference at Hobhouse in South Africa.  He said that the Lord really blessed the services and some backsliders came back to the Lord.  
  • Last weekend Pastor Lehlomela invited family, friends, neighbors to a celebration to dedicate the house he built.  There was a short evangelistic service at the beginning, and a number of people expressed an interesting in seeking the Lord.  You can read more on the previous post of our blog.   


  • As I'm writing this, Stephanie is in Germany on her way to spend a few days with her mother.  Although her mother's health is still fairly good, we felt it was good for her to spend some time with her.  Please pray for her travels and for the children and I here in Lesotho.  Update:  She arrived safely and is enjoying time with her parents.
  • Please pray for us as we prepare to apply to the U.S. government for Caleb's immigration visa.  We can apply after the 28th of April.  (We will have lived with him for two years then--a part of the requirements for him to get U.S. citizenship.)  Please pray that the U.S. embassy in Johannesburg will decided to process our application in South Africa rather than making us send it to America.  If they process it in South Africa, it will still take 3-6 months.  If it goes to America, it can take a year or more!)  Also pray that our application will be complete and correct on the first try and that it will be processed quickly.  Update:  I just got an email yesterday saying that the Department of Homeland Security has given approval for our visa to be processed in South Africa.  We have an appointment with the Embassy in Maseru, Lesotho on the 4th of May to submit the paperwork.  Please keep praying! 
  • Please pray for the annual Easter Conference in Lesotho this weekend.  We started last night Thursday) and go through Sunday afternoon.  We really need a special outpouring of God's Spirit!
  • Lightning struck some of the electrical wires and transformers in our area on Monday afternoon.  We've been without electricity since then.  The electric company says one or two phases are blown on the transformer and the process with the private contractor to fix it won't start until sometime next week!  Talk about customer service!!!  The joke in Africa goes like this:  Question: How did people light their houses at night before they had candles?  Answer:  They used to use electricity!"  

Thank you so much for your faithful prayer support!


Glenn, Stephanie, Kaitlyn, Kristell, and Caleb Gault
Hope International Missions

Monday, April 10, 2017

House Dedication

This past Saturday we were invited to join Pastor Lehlomela for a special celebration as he dedicated his newly-built house to the Lord.  The celebration began with a short church service and ended with a meal for family, friends, and neighbors.  I was impressed by his vision and hard work--it's unusual for an unmarried young man in Lesotho to have this kind of foresight!
The service was held in the tent.  Pastor Kali preached a Gospel message.
Quite a number of people raised their hands in response
to the invitation indicating they had an interesting in seeking the Lord.
Brother Lehlomela Liname.  He pastors the new congregation at Ha Matjotjo. 
I think at least 100 people came.
Cutting the ribbon

We enjoyed samp (something like hominy), chicken, beet salad, and
another vegetable.  Delicious!