Monday, January 7, 2008

Group E-Mail

Hi everyone,

After a long silence the one and only, the official group e-mail has
once again found its voice!

We had a really nice Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed time with our
families both in Colorado and Kansas. My parents live at 9,000 ft in
the mountains of Colorado so we enjoyed several beautiful snow storms
while we were there. We also had a white Christmas in KS. Of course
the best part of Christmas (besides celebrating Jesus' birthday) was
being with family. I also enjoyed a helicopter flight with my brother,
and Steph enjoyed a couple days of shopping with her sisters-in-law.
Kaitlyn has had a great time playing with her cousins, but she hasn't
mastered the fine art of sharing toys yet!

Yesterday we started back into deputation. We had services in SE
Kansas. Next Sunday we'll be in northern Illinois and then move east
until we go down to FL for Sea Breeze Camp in February.