Monday, May 28, 2012

Prayer and Praise Update

Dear Praying Friends,

We are so grateful for your continued prayer support!  Join us in praising God for the answers He has given, and please do continue to intercede for the needs below.


  • Thank you so much for the many people who have prayed for us as the HIM Africa missionaries have been coming face to face with the powers of darkness and witchcraft.  We praise God for giving partial victory.  The best I know how to describe the situation is that individual battles have been won, but the war is not over yet.
  • The elections in Lesotho went peacefully.  Final results will not be available until Wednesday, but the day of voting (Saturday) was calm.  This is a clear answer to prayer!


  • Please continue to pray for us missionaries.
  • Also pray for continued peace in Lesotho.  Final results aren't known yet, but it is already clear that no party can win enough votes to set up a government alone.  A coalition will be necessary for the first time in the history of the country.  There is still a risk of violence as this coalition is agreed upon. Please pray!
  • Please pray for me (Glenn) as I have a very heavy schedule at the moment.  Pray that God will give me wisdom to prioritize and stay strong spiritually!

"I will build My Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." --Jesus Christ

 May the Lord bless you!

Glenn, Stephanie, Kaitlyn and Kristell Gault
Hope International Missions

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lesotho Update

Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you so much for your prayers.  We really, really appreciate them.  Here is a little update so that you can pray more effectively:
  • The spiritual battle that we mentioned last night is still very intense, but we are seeing God working.  Please praise Him as you pray!
  • Don't forget to praise God that Mrs. Majola is out of the hospital.  That she is alive is a clear miracle! 
  • In spite of missed flights, etc., God gave Philip, Amrie, and Antonie Geise a safe trip to America. 
  • We ask for your continued fervent intercession as we battle against the power of spiritual darkness.  We are beginning to see some progress, but the battle is not over.
  • Please pray for the general elections in Lesotho this weekend.  There has already been several incidents of violence and people have been killed.  We covet your prayers for peace.  The situation is tense and could easily become very dangerous for both citizens and foreigners. 
  • Continue to pray for the Philip Geises as they acclimate to life in America. 
  • Remember the Marais' as they continue with the Bible work in Zimbabwe. 
Thank you so much for supporting us with your prayers!

Glenn, Stephanie, Kaitlyn, and Kristell Gault
Hope International Missions

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Prayer Support Needed

Dear Praying Friends,
We are in the middle of a severe spiritual battle.  We cannot share details at the moment, but if we did, it would send shivers down your spine.  Would you please intercede for us and the rest of the HIM Africa missionary team. 

On a positive note, God has answered our prayers and Rev. Majola's wife is home from the hospital and doing much better.  Thank you so much for your many prayers for her.  It is a miracle that she is alive!

"Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it."  Colossians 2:15 NKJV

We serve an awesome God!

Glenn, Stephanie, Kaitlyn, and Kristell Gault
Hope International Missions

Saturday, May 12, 2012

'Tis the Season... eat citrus!  As the winter months begin, huge truck-loads of oranges come from the tropical areas of South Africa to Lesotho.  At the height of the season, one can by a bag of 40 oranges for less than $2.  Yesterday we bought a bag of oranges at the grocery store.  The name on the bag was Cara Cara.  We just assumed it was a farm name or company name.  When we cut the first orange we got a surprise!  The peel is orange like an orange but the inside is reddish like a grapefruit.  Fortunately (for me who doesn't care for grapefruit) they taste sweet like oranges.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Lesotho Update

Dear praying friends,
Please join us in praising God for these answers to prayer and pray for the needs:
  • Uncle Piet and Aunt Hester Marais were able to cross the border into Zimbabwe without any problems.  They had a thousand Shona Bibles, food aid, camping gear, etc.  Please continue to pray for them as they begin this year's Bible distribution ministry.  From Zimbabwe they will be traveling to the Caprivi Strip of Namibia, and then on to Zambia.
  • Kaitlyn had a really nasty tonsillitis, but God really touched her.  Praise the Lord.
  • Please continue to pray for Mrs. Mats'oanelo Majola.  She is still in the hospital and very sick.  When Glenn visited her on Wednesday, it seemed that she really is not improving. 
  • Philip and Amrie Geise will be returning to the US next week for much needed rest and for Philip to continue his education.  Without some kind of an education degree, he cannot legally continue as the principle of the academy in Ladybrand.  Please pray for safe travel for them and that God will help them reorient to life in America.
  • Please do pray again for staff for the academy!
  • Pray for the Chinese Radio broadcast in Lesotho. 
  • As you pray for the Marais', please pray for the "Bibles 4 the Nations" project as a whole.  This project which HIM spearheads will be distributing around 10,000 Bibles again this year.  Please pray for the availability of Bibles and finance and personnel to distribute them.  In many countries the Bible Societies are not able to effectively supply Bibles at a price people can afford.  Ask God to provide a solution to this difficult problem!  
Jesus promised "I am with you always, even to the end of the age."
Thank you,

Glenn, Stephanie, Kaitlyn, & Kristell Gault
Hope International Missions

Bibles For Africa

I few years ago I (Glenn) met this pastor in the Central Province of Zambia.  Though we hardly knew each others names, he invited me to preach at the church he was planting on Sunday morning.  Before the service, he shared his testimony with me.

He had gotten saved at an evangelistic crusade when he was just a youth.  Back home in his village, there was only one man who owned a Bible.   This new convert would borrow that Bible Friday nights and read all night or until his candle burned out.  By dawn Saturday morning he would return the Bible in time for its owner to have his morning devotions.  He followed the Lord faithfully until years later he was able to buy a Bible of his own in the Tonga language. 
Now do you understand why
these men are smiling?

This, sadly, is a common problem for Christians in Africa.  Bibles are expensive and often completely unavailable in the heart language of many.  Cults and heresy are common because people can't "search the Scriptures daily" as the Bereans did in Acts 17.

For many years now, Hope International Missions has been distributing Bibles in the rural parts of Zambia, Namibia, Botswana, Angola, and Zimbabwe.  Just this week, Pieter and Hester Marais left for Zimbabwe with one thousand Shona Bibles.  After distributing these Bibles, they plan to travel on to work in northern Namibia and the Wester Province of Zambia.  Teams from South Africa will be joining them to help.  I am also planning to take a team to join them around the middle of July to assist with distributing Tonga Bibles in the Central Province of Zambia.

There are many challenges to this ministry.  Please get involved through prayer.  Also keep an eye on our blog.  Over the next few days we will share some specific prayer requests and a way that you can get involved.
"The night is coming when no one can work."  --Jesus

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Recent Ministry Pictures

At the Easter Conference Stephanie taught one of the children's services.

Rev. Teboho Sephekhang received gifts from Samaritan's Purse/Operation Christmas Child for all the children at Ha Thafeng, the village where he pastors.  Here he is preaching a simple Gospel message before we handed out the gifts.

The gifts sorted according age and sex.  I think there were nearly 200 children and presents.

Every Friday afternoon, the ladies at Matukeng hold a ladies' service.  Here are the six ladies that attend the most faithfully.
Recently Rev. Neo invited both Stephanie and I to speak at his church.  They meet in a tiny house.  The roof was so low on the low side that I had to stand between the rafters to stand up straight.  It wasn't so bad on the high side where I was preaching.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Make-A-Plan Motors

One of the challenges of the mission field is keeping older vehicles in good running condition.  Uncle Piet and I often joke that we work for "Make-A-Plan Motors."  Our most recent project has been a welder for me that runs off the massive Lister diesel engine that also runs our generator.

The diesel engine (green) is a single cylinder, water cooled engine that only produces 9 hp in spite of it's massive size and weight.  It runs very slow--550 rpm--so it is very efficient.  Five gallons of diesel will produce many hours of electricity--much longer than a comparably sized gasoline generator.

The welder (in the middle) is made from a slightly modified car alternator.  (I rewired it from star to delta phase and made a heavy duty external rectifier.)  It's not that powerful but does most of what I need to do.  It will weld 3/16" steel with good penetration if I am careful.

Uncle Piet made the intermediate shaft for me.  The engine runs so slow that I needed an extra shaft to get the rpm high enough for the alternator to weld.

I finally got the whole set up working this last Saturday.  Since then I've been trying to catch up on the backlog of maintenance projects that I couldn't do without a welder. 

Thanks Uncle Piet!!!