Sunday, March 30, 2014

Update on Kristell

Thank you SO MUCH for praying for Kristell and us!  We really felt God's presence and peace close the day the doctor did the operation.  Kristell seems to be doing well.  She's adjusting to doing things with one hand and doesn't seem to be in a lot of pain.  The cast is supposed to be off in about 3 weeks.
I don't know what the paper is, but you can see she is coping.

Deputation Schedule

Here is an update of our deputation schedule.  Everything is subject to change, but this is the way things stand as of today.

March 30 AM          Fort Wayne, IN          Rev. Christy
March 30 PM          Lima, OH                    Rev. Nichols

April 2-3                  Lucasville, OH           Rev. Ramey (Missions Convention)
April 6 AM               Neoga, IL                   Rev. Ryder
April 6 PM               Robinson, IL              Rev. Gray
April 13 AM             Mt. Pleasant, IA        Rev. Carpenter
April 13 PM             East Moline, IL          Rev. Beach
Easter Sunday    
April 22-24               Dayton, OH                IHC
April 27 AM             Olathe, KS                 Rev. Pruett
April 27 PM             Ottawa, KS                Rev. Stratton
April 30 PM             Lawrence, KS            Rev. Brewer

May 4 AM                Ponca City, OK          Rev. McCormick
May 4 PM                Tulsa, OK                   Wesleyan Bible Church
May 11 AM              Mothers' Day
May 11 PM              Altamont, KS             Rev. Snider
May 18 PM              Marion, OH                Rev. Burroughs
May 21 PM              Thomasville, NC        Rev. Davis
May 25 PM              Easley, SC                 Rev. Frenh

June 4 PM               Gratz, PA                   Rev. Durkee
June 8 PM               Binghamton, NY       Rev. Brown
June 11 PM             Hanover, PA              Rev. Bundy
June 15 AM             East Berlin, PA         Rev. Paulus
June 15 PM             Beavertown, PA        Rev. Plank
June 18 PM             Spring Mills, PA        Rev. Cooley

If there is a church within 2 hours of Easley, SC that would interested in a service on Sunday morning, May 25, we are still have an opening there.

We are still planing some services in Colorado, Ohio, and Pennsylvania before we leave, but we don't have definite dates yet.

You can get in touch with us by clicking the "Contact Us" button on the right.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pray for Kristell

Last night Kristell fell off some stairs and broke her right arm in two places.  The one break isn't too serious and will heal with just a cast.  The other one is at her elbow and needs a procedure to realign the bones and pin them in place.  We are planning to have this done tomorrow, March 27 at 10:45 eastern time.  We would really appreciate your prayers.