Monday, August 15, 2011

Kristell's 2nd Birthday!

Kristell turned 2 on July 27.  The following day we had her cake with the other missionaries in Ladybrand, South Africa.
She is very fascinated with horses and cows right now so she really liked the cake.

She tried over and over to blow out her candles, but didn't succeed.  I'm going to try to put a little video on the blog sometime soon.
When we all started singing to her, she dissolved into tears.  It was hilarious!

One of the gifts we gave her was this little Sotho broom. She really enjoys using it.

The previous day, Kristell's birthday, we were in Johannesberg after taking two interns back to the airport.  We took the girls to the zoo for a special treat. I think these are nyala, but I'm not sure.


Peering down to see the polar bear.  The zoo had a very nice selection of animals.

Loving the animals.  As you can see, the weather was beautiful in the afternoon.

I tried to get a picture of Kristell hiding from the monkeys, but I was too late.  I'm not sure why she's afraid of monkeys! 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

TLC team in June 2011

Yes, we have neglected our blog recently.  We had guests in our home from the last week of March through the last week of July!  Needless to say, life was a bit busy!  I think we already put pictures of the Mission Helps team and their work.  Here are some pictures of the time with the TLC team to start with.  We will try to post pictures on the blog more frequently (no promises!).

Here is Karrie Cruey, posing in her new Basotho hat!

Josh Glick, as well as Karrie, Jeremy Hopkins and Diane Wood, cleaning out the fire pit.  The team helped with several practical projects, including painting, making church benches, and pouring a porch for Rachel's house.

Kayti Shaw painting the security doors on Rachel's house.

Josh and Jeremy painting bench legs.

Mary Cruz finishing the porch.

One of their ministries was to sing and give their testimonies at church services.  They were a blessing wherever they went!

The last week the team was with us, they participated in a VBS held in the village of HaMotheho.  This was the first time to have a VBS in this village.  The team helped by telling the stories (Kristel Glick above), teaching Bible verses, and teaching English choruses to the children.

Jeremy and Josh doing an object lesson.

The children loved the attention (from Diane and Kayti)!

They also loved the prizes for coming every service and learning verses.    This girl chose a coffee mug.

On the last day all the children got a Scripture plaque, snack, and candy, even if they didn't get any other prizes.

This girl proudly showed me everything she received.

Ausi Mastefan and 'Me Manthabi prepared traditional Basotho food 
for the team to try.

Thabiso and Kaitlyn enjoyed the meal very much.  Kaitlyn is very proficient
in eating with her fingers!

Both Kristell and Kaitlyn enjoyed the team, although it took Kristell longer to warm up to everyone.  Here Kristell is with Josh and Kristel.

We enjoyed our time with the team.  They were such a blessing to us!