Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Awakening at Ha Ratau

Just a few minutes ago, Pastor Kali Nthabi knocked at our door to share what God is doing in the village of Ha Ratau.
We live at Matukeng (red oval).  Ha Ratau is on the other side of the Qeme Plateau (blue oval).
Some time ago a family in this village requested prayer for their grown son who is demon possessed.  Most of the time this man cannot speak.  This week Pastor Kali arranged to hold a service at their home.  He expected at most a dozen people for a cottage prayer meeting.  God had other plans!

This village is deeply oppressed by witchcraft and demon possession.  Many people in the village have lost their minds or have other problems that are clearly the result of demonic forces.  The lady of the house went to the village chief to inform him that she was expecting a pastor to visit and hold a prayer meeting at her home.  When the chief heard this, he asked her to tell the pastor not to just hold a cottage prayer meeting, but instead pitch a tent and hold services for everyone.  He told the lady that the village is in dire straits, and they desperately need God to deliver them.  The lady invited many people to come to her house this afternoon for a prayer meeting. 

When Pastor Kali and his team got to the village, people started gathering.  Before long the house was full, so they moved the service outside.  Dozens of people gathered in the yard to listen to singing, testimonies, and a Gospel message.  At the end of the message many responded to the "altar call" to seek the Lord.  The demon-possessed man was also seeking God, and at the end of the service he was no longer mute.  Praise the Lord for delivering him, but he needs to keep seeking the Lord until he is really saved!  Please pray for him and many others who need help in this village!

This is an exciting time to be a missionary in Lesotho!  We see God working in a powerful way so many places.  Sometimes it seems that the Spirit is moving out ahead of us and we have to run to keep up with what God wants us to do.  Please pray as we train and mentor people to fill the many opportunities God is providing!

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