Friday, June 8, 2007

Lesotho Update

Dear Pray-ers,
Here's a little update to help you pray more effectively.

  • Thank you for praying for our Whit Sunday service in Ladybrand.  One of the big hurdles for a joint service like this is to get Christians through the border into South Africa.  This can often take 2+ hours on a Sunday afternoon.  I (Glenn) went to the border and talked to the official in charge a few days before the service.  This lady arranged for an immigration officer to help our group in an inside office.  We didn't have to wait in the line at all.  Everyone enjoyed the service!
  • This past Sunday a young Christian asked for advice on how to pay tithe.  He found some part-time work and wants to give back a part to God.  This is a real victory!  Most of the people in our churches are still very weak in this area.
  • This weekend I will be going with several other pastors to visit the congregation near Mapoteng in the mountains.  We need a lot of wisdom to make wise decisions with them.  We are hoping to find a dedicated Christian there whom we can train as a pastor/leader for the people there.
  • Please keep praying for our annual Bible distribution trip which will be to Zimbabwe this year.  There are still many details to be worked out.   We plan to leave around the 10th of July.
  • Also keep praying for the special prayer request that we mentioned last time.
  • Pray for outreaches in Lesotho.  Two teams will be visiting to help with these.
  • We got more than an inch of rain this week!  I never thought I'd be happy to see mud, but after a very dry summer, it actually looks pretty good! :-)
We are always grateful for your faithful prayer support!  May the Lord bless you!
Glenn, Stephanie, and Kaitlyn Gault
Hope International Missions

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Aimee said...

Hi! Chad and I have been reading your blog. It's so nice to be able to keep up with you in this way. Stephanie, we saw your parents on Memorial Day. =)