Monday, July 9, 2012

Adventures in Cape Town

Recently we attended our fellow missionary Jeremy Howard's wedding in Cape Town and also took a few days of vacation to see the scenery and history of that part of South Africa.  Here are a few pictures:

The wedding was beautiful!
Dawn in the Karoo (a semi desert area between Lesotho and Cape Town).

The bitter aloes were in full bloom through the Karoo.  They are very pretty in this arid landscape!

Table Mountain

Simon's Town is a little harbor village built on the side of a mountain.  It is the third oldest European settlement in South Africa.  Many of the buildings date back into the 1700's.

Because of the steep mountain side that Simon's Town is built on, many of the houses do not have road access.  You park your car and climb the steps!

African Pinguins

Boulder Beach was beautiful!

We climbed up to the lighthouse at Cape Point.

In 1911 a new lighthouse was built lower down on the cliff because this one was up in the clouds during storms. 
The view down 800+ foot cliffs from the lighthouse to the ocean was breathtaking!

Katilyn enjoyed building this sand castle with Uncle Jon's help.

Kristell enjoyed playing in the sand, too.

One day we drove to Stellenbosch.  This is the Dutch Reformed Church there. 

A canon outside the old powder magazine fortress at Stellenbosch

Dawn at Cape Agulhus, the southern-most point in Africa.