Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We had a blessed one-day conference on Easter Sunday. This year we only had a one-day conference since the church is raising money to build more classrooms for the school we were given at Popenyane.

Friday we dyed Easter eggs with the kids.

Here's the kids hiding their eyes while Nana hides the Easter eggs.

Kristell had lots of fun finding eggs. She didn't break too many!

Rachel's House--More Progres

Rachel, Mama, and Kristell cleaned the plaster and mortar off the window frames.

The first coat of mud is done on the drywall. Also Daddy built the shelves for a pantry and closet. That was a lot of slow, tedious work, but we all think it turned out really nice.

Here's a closer view of the pantry. The sink will be just to the right of the pantry under the window. Daddy wants to paint pantry shelves before he puts the last piece of sheetrock on.

Today Daddy started putting glass in the windows.

Bro. Mahlomola put wood preservative on all the planks outside.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rachel's House

On April 1st, a team from Mission Helps came to help build a house for Rachel Cutler here at Matukeng. We are amazed at how God worked through this team of expert builders to get a house put up in eight working days!
Here's the team. From left to right they are Forrest Wheeler, Dave Weaver (team leader) Jon McVey, Jonathan Lucas, Steve Mease, and Dave Holderbaum.

Before the team arrived we poured the footer.

Day 1: They built trusses and Steve Mease started laying up the walls.

Day 2: The big push was to continue laying up the walls. By evening, Steve had this front side done and we cast one window sill.

Day 3: It rained all day! Around 4:30pm, the clouds lifted and we a dug 100+ foot trench for the sewer pipe.

Day 4: Steve finished up laying the blocks except for one gable end. Forrest Wheeler and Dave Holderbaum worked on plumbing. We cast some more window sills.

Day 5: The team put up the trusses and continued with plumbing.

Day 6: Jon McVey and Steve Mease plastered inside. The rest put the tin on the roof. I worked on leveling up the floor so we could pour it Monday.

Day 7: Sunday--we went to Popenyane for church. Pastor Pitso Thaisi is sitting on the front row.

Day 8: Jon McVey finished the plastering first thing in the morning, then we poured the floor. Here's Jonathan Lucas using a homemade bull float.

Day 9: Forrest Wheeler and Dave Holderbaum finished up the plumbing. Jonathan Lucas worked on putting conduit in for electricity. (We don't have electricity here yet, but when/if it comes it will be easy to wire the house. The rest of the team built the interior partitions.

Day 10: The last day the team worked here, they hung the ceilings and put sheet rock on the partition walls, and some other finishing touches. There's still lots to be done, but we are amazed at how much was done in only eight working days.

My parents flew in the same day the Mission Helps team flew out of Johannesburg. They will be helping to get the house finished up. Please keep praying for us!