Tuesday, September 19, 2017

What Did You Do Yesterday?

What did you do yesterday?  I renewed my driver's license.  It took six hours.  Actually it took 16 months.  My license expired back in May 2016.  The machine that makes the driver's licenses was broken down, so I've been driving using paper temporary licenses that have to be renewed every six months since then.  The machine is finally working again, so when I went to renew the temporary one I got the real thing.

And it took 6 hours!

To get a license that is already 16 months old!

I feel cheated!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Training Leaders in Lesotho

I (Glenn) have served on a non-denominational committee in Lesotho that has translated and printed a simple Sesotho Bible School curriculum.  Our goal has been to prepare material for and train Church leaders who do not have the opportunity to attend traditional campus-based Bible Schools.  All the books are translated, and almost all of them are printed now.  Over the last few years the committee has "shifted gears" from translation and printing to teaching this curriculum.

This past weekend we held a seminar for students.  During the course of the weekend, they write exams over the courses they are working on, listen to lectures, and participate in group activities.  We also plan devotional and fellowship times to encourage and help them grow spiritually.

The theme for this seminar was Legal Matters that Affect the Church.  The government of Lesotho graciously sent two speakers from the Law Office to address this topics.  One man spoke about how to register a church with the government of Lesotho including how to write a constitution.  The other speaker explained laws that affect marriage in Lesotho and shared the legal process for a pastor to become an "marriage officer" recognized by the government.

Practicing filling out a marriage certificate
I was asked to give a closing message on "The Gospel and the Law," Since not all of the students come from evangelical churches, we wanted to present the message of salvation in an understandable way for these people.  I focused my conclusion on Ezekiel and Jeremiah's prophecies about Jesus taking our our rebellious heart of stone and giving us a new, tender heart with His laws written on it.  I was encouraged as I spoke to see that the message was reaching the hearts of at least some of the people.  

Friday, August 25, 2017

Special Praise!

Thank you so much for praying!  Our interview at the embassy went very smoothly, and Caleb's visa was approved.  His passport will come back in 7-10 days with a visa in it.  The Lord willing, we plan to go to America around the 3rd of October to complete the citizenship process, visit our families, and do deputation.

God is so good, and we are blessed to have prayer supporters like you!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Special Prayer Request

Dear Praying Friends,

We would like to ask for your special prayers as we go to Johannesburg next week for Caleb's visa.  The medical exam will be on Monday and the actual visa interview will be at the embassy on Thursday.  We don't know how long it will be before we actually receive the visa.

Prayer points:

  • Pray for wisdom as we gather and fill out all the forms and necessary paperwork.  
  • Pray for our protection as we travel and stay in Johannesburg.  Parts of this huge city are dangerous.
  • Pray for clear communication and understanding between us and embassy officials, especially regarding whether we are exempt from filling out one form.  
  • Pray that the visa will come quickly.  From what we understand, the embassy will keep his passport until a decision has been made.  The passport will be returned by a courier service.  Until we get his passport back we can't go home to Lesotho.
  • Praise the Lord that we have successfully gotten this far in a long journey!  God has helped us with many steps already!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Mistaken Identity

Has anyone every thought you were somebody else?  It happened to me just last week.

On my way to church last Sunday, I saw an elderly gentleman who volunteers at our clinic walking to church with his grandson.  I gave them a lift the rest of the way to the church they were going to.  As we drove I tried to start a conversation with the five-year-old.  He smiled broadly, but never said a word, even when they got out.  After I left them, the boy asked his grandpa, "Where's Jesus going now that he left us here?"

edit:  There may be a cultural aspect to this post that wasn't clearly explained.  Several people seemed to have misunderstood!  The reason the boy mistook me for Jesus was because of my white skin and brown beard.  That's the way Jesus is normally portrayed in the images at his church.  😊