Monday, October 16, 2017

Deputation Schedule

Here is our tentative deputation schedule.  Please feel free to get in touch with us using this contact form if you have any questions or want more information about one of the services.

October 15    10:30am   Hamilton Heights God's Missionary Church, Chambersburg, PA
October 24    10:20am   Penn View Bible Institute Chapel, Penns Creek, PA
October 26    4:30pm     Hanover God's Missionary Church, Hanover, PA
October 29    10:00am   Newville God's Missionary Church, Newvile, PA
October 29    6:00pm     Penn Valley God's Missionary Church, Spring Mills, PA
October 31    7:30pm?   Ashville Allegheny Wesleyan Church, Ashville, NY
November 5  10:30am? West Broad Missionary Chapel, Columbus, OH
November 5  7:00pm    New Philadelphia Emmanuel Church, New Philadelphia, OH
November 8  7:00pm    Candy Run Wesleyan Tabernacle, Lucasville, OH
November 12 10:30am Neoga Home Mission Church, Neoga, IL
November 12 6:00pm? Palestine Pilgrim Holiness Church, Robinson, IL
November 15 7:00pm? Weisbach Community Church, Shoals, IN
November 19 10:30am Mt. Pleasant Pilgrim Nazarene, Mt. Pleasant, IA
November 19 6:00pm   Bible Holiness Church, East Moline, IL
December 3   10:30am  Bible Methodist Church, Ponca City, OK
December 3   6:00pm   Calavary Bible Fellowship, Oklahoma City, OK
December 10 10:00am Church of God Holiness, Olathe, KS
December 10 6:00pm   Church of God Holiness, Lawrence, KS
December 17 10:30am?Pilgrim Bible Church, Ottawa, KS

We'll be scheduling more services, so I'll try to update this before long.

Friday, October 13, 2017


We left Maseru, Lesotho on Tuesday, the 3rd of October for the long journey to America.  Our route took us to Johannesburg, Doha, and finally Miami.  We enjoyed the flights even though the last leg from Doha to Miami seemed like it would never end (more than 16 hours.)  Steph's brother Jon and his wife, Joanna, met us at the Miami airport to take us on to Hobe Sound.
The immigration process took some time
because the embassy in Johannesburg issued
the wrong type of visa.  The official in Miami got that
fixed, though and Caleb is legally
an American now.

In God's good providence, Grandpa was in FL for a board meeting and
could welcome Caleb to America.
While we were at Hobe Sound, we helped with the annual Hobe Sound Bible Church mission convention.  I (Glenn) shared a very brief update Sunday morning, and the whole family took part in a pre-service Sunday night.  The messages on The Command, The Call, and the Commission were challenging and refreshing. 

We are so grateful to Hobe Sound Bible Church and FEA Ministries for the wonderful welcome back to America.  The apartment in the Manor was lovely and the Christian fellowship was wonderful.  We especially appreciate those families that reached out to us in so many different ways--meals, money for Steph and I to go on a date, babysitting, helping us update our wardrobe a bit, and so many other kind gestures.  We are proud to be a part of Hope International Missions and appreciate their focus on caring for missionaries!

We got to pet sting rays at an aquarium in Stuart
 Now, today, the 13th of October, the next segment of our journey begins--this time by train.  We are taking Amtrak from West Palm Beach, FL to Washington, DC.  Stephanie's brother Jeff will pick us up there and help us pick up the Mission Helps van that we'll be using while we're in the U.S.

Monday, September 25, 2017

What's happening?

It's a busy time with SO much happening in our family!  This past weekend was the annual youth conference for HIM's churches in Lesotho and South Africa.  Rev. Rob Loper from Hobe Sound Bible College was the special speaker.  The Lord really helped him and the other speakers to reach young people with the message of holiness. 

Next weekend is HIM's pastors' retreat.  Christian friends at Eingedi Retreat have agreed to host us for the weekend.  Please pray that God will use Rev. Loper to refresh the pastors' spirits and give them a challenging new vision for the future! 

On Tuesday the 3rd of October we'll be boarding a plane to take us to America. Please pray for this long journey and EVERYTHING we have to finish before we leave!  This week is going to be packed!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

What Did You Do Yesterday?

What did you do yesterday?  I renewed my driver's license.  It took six hours.  Actually it took 16 months.  My license expired back in May 2016.  The machine that makes the driver's licenses was broken down, so I've been driving using paper temporary licenses that have to be renewed every six months since then.  The machine is finally working again, so when I went to renew the temporary one I got the real thing.

And it took 6 hours!

To get a license that is already 16 months old!

I feel cheated!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Training Leaders in Lesotho

I (Glenn) have served on a non-denominational committee in Lesotho that has translated and printed a simple Sesotho Bible School curriculum.  Our goal has been to prepare material for and train Church leaders who do not have the opportunity to attend traditional campus-based Bible Schools.  All the books are translated, and almost all of them are printed now.  Over the last few years the committee has "shifted gears" from translation and printing to teaching this curriculum.

This past weekend we held a seminar for students.  During the course of the weekend, they write exams over the courses they are working on, listen to lectures, and participate in group activities.  We also plan devotional and fellowship times to encourage and help them grow spiritually.

The theme for this seminar was Legal Matters that Affect the Church.  The government of Lesotho graciously sent two speakers from the Law Office to address this topics.  One man spoke about how to register a church with the government of Lesotho including how to write a constitution.  The other speaker explained laws that affect marriage in Lesotho and shared the legal process for a pastor to become an "marriage officer" recognized by the government.

Practicing filling out a marriage certificate
I was asked to give a closing message on "The Gospel and the Law," Since not all of the students come from evangelical churches, we wanted to present the message of salvation in an understandable way for these people.  I focused my conclusion on Ezekiel and Jeremiah's prophecies about Jesus taking our our rebellious heart of stone and giving us a new, tender heart with His laws written on it.  I was encouraged as I spoke to see that the message was reaching the hearts of at least some of the people.