Monday, September 12, 2016

I saw it in Africa...

Every once in a while we see some REALLY strange things in Africa!  I took this "Wide Load" picture along the road to Matukeng last week!  Notice the thin ropes tying all this down.  Good thing it wasn't windy!  They were having quite a challenge figuring out how to get it under the electric lines.


Here are a few of the wild flowers that are in full bloom in our area.  I don't know the names of most of them.

This pinkish purple bush is usually one of the first
signs that spring is on the way.  It blooms on rocky hillsides.
It doesn't show much, but where the hill starts up
 steep there are lots of orange aloe plants blooming
This flower reminds me of a daffodil a little.
  It is considered a weed, and blooms profusely
in unplowed fields this time of year.

Some day we want to go to the Namaqualand when the spring flowers are in full bloom.  This is a semi-desert area on the West Coast of South Africa.  If there are winter rains in this area, it turns into an incredible sea of flowers for a few short weeks.  If you like flower pictures, Google Namaqualand flowers and look at the images!

Monday, September 5, 2016


It's spring in Lesotho!  The peach trees are blooming.

Monday, August 22, 2016

A Little Update

This has been a special year for us because we have had lots of visitors!  Here's a few pictures that will let you know a little of what we've been doing.

In June, Glenn's brother's family visited.  We had so much fun together!

We went jackal hunting.  Wesley shot two.
We had a wonderful day in Pilanesberg National Park.
Besides this leopard (a rare thing to see), we saw elephants,
rhino, zebra, giraffe, hippos, kudu, and so much more!

We hosted two interns.

Erika Fenstermaker and Danae Fisher from Penn View Bible Institute
came to Lesotho to do their missions internships.  They helped with
evangelism, children's ministry, Bible studies, and lots of other things.
They were a big blessing!

We had two birthdays in our family recently.

Kristell turned 7! 
Caleb is two now.
He couldn't wait to blow his candles out!
I had to relight them three or four times,
and the picture still didn't turn out very well
because he was so excited about blowing
them out!
School started again for the girls.

We are very excited about what the Lord is doing in the Ha Motheo area the last couple months.  Quite a few people have given their hearts to the Lord, and the congregation is doing a great job of working in teams to organize outreaches.  

The ladies' conference in July was well attended.  (Everyone was
invited to the Sunday morning service.)

Monday, June 13, 2016


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