Sunday, July 5, 2009

Update on Steph

Hi everyone!

We were hoping maybe Steph would be released today, but her doctor is off, and I think he'll want to see her before they let her out. So she's in another day. The bleeding has stopped and both her and the baby are doing great. The doctor said the placenta is not covering the cervix at all, and he hopes that it will move up like it normally does. The problem occurs when the placenta is too low and the stretching uterus starts to pull a little bit of it loose causing the bleeding.

Kaitlyn and I stayed with friends (Uncle Attie and Aunt Meriel Louw) who used to live in Ladybrand but have moved to Bloemfontein recently. They live in a retirement community/game park. It is very nice. We saw springbok, gemsbok, and red hartebees this morning before breakfast.

Love to all and thanks for your prayers!


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Misty said...

Thanks for the update...i was praying for Stephanie this morning. Hope the rest of the pregnancy goes uneventful =)