Saturday, July 4, 2009

Steph in Hospital

Hi everyone,

I'm at an internet cafe, and I'm not sure I have everyone's e-mail
addresses correct. Feel free to pass this on to anyone who would be
interested. Mr. Howard, could you please pass this on to Michelle
Asbell. I don't have her e-mail address.

Thursday night Steph had some bleeding. It wasn't a lot, but her doctor
wanted to see her asap on Friday. He put her in the hospital for
observation until the bleeding stops. She has a placenta previa, but it
is only a grade 1. The placenta is not covering the cervix at all, but
it is lower than it should be. This problem should fix itself
hopefully. There's nothing the doctor can do to treat it, and there's
nothing Steph could have done to prevent it. At the moment it is not
terribly serious, but if the placenta doesn't move up like it should,
then it could result in serious bleeding. If that happens, then of
course the doctor will have to take the baby. Fortunately the baby is
far enough along that with the neo-natal ICU in Bloemfontein at the
hospital where we go the baby has a a very good chance to live even
now. Every day improves that outlook.

As far as we can tell the bleeding has stopped. Steph's doctor is off
this weekend and a partner saw her this morning and said everything
seems OK. I doubt if she will be discharged until Monday, however. The
doctor may limit her activity at least some once he discharges her, and
I'm sure he will be seeing her pretty often. We'll try to keep in touch
one way or another to let you know what is happening.

Steph is feeling fine and doing well emotionally. She said she got a
good night's rest last night in spite of the nurses checking her and the
baby every four hours. Fortunately Kaitlyn is a daddy's girl, so we're
doing fine, too. I tried to do her hair this morning and that didn't go
so well. It looked about the same after I finished as before! :-)

Love to all. Thanks for your prayers!


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