Sunday, July 12, 2009

From the Labor Ward


Nothing new from Steph at the moment. The doctor said he MIGHT let her out tomorrow if we stay in Bloemfontein, but we're not getting our hopes up. The bleeding still hasn't stopped, and a nurse was just telling us that placenta previa can turn very dangerous with very little warning.

Here's a few pix:Kaitlyn and Heidi (the Louw's schnauzer puppy) love playing tug-o-war.

Nana left this set of "Pocket Ponies" for Kaitlyn when they were here. It sure came in handy for "such a time as this!"

Since TLC was here, combing hair has been a big thing to Kaitlyn. She learned a lot of new techniques from the girls!

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Andrea said...

Praying for all four of you!! Thanks for the updates on Steph and the baby.