Friday, September 20, 2013

Your Tax Dollars at Work--Part 2

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It has been a long time since were reported on the progress of the clinic renovation at Matukeng.  The original contractor went bankrupt and is being liquidated.  For a while we were unsure whether our clinic would ever be rebuilt, but we praise the Lord that things are progressing again!  A new contractor from South Africa (Ruvacon) has taken over the project, and a lot has been done since they started work at the beginning of August.  We are especially happy that the exterior walls of the actual clinic buildings are almost complete now.  Tile is being laid in the support buildings and staff houses, and plumbers are busy hooking up pipes.  We gather that there are also plans to drill a well for water and to bring electricity to the clinic.  The new clinic will have more than double the floor space of the old one.  Also, some of the services that used to be rendered in the clinic will be moved to other buildings.  It will be a great blessing to not be so cramped on busy days!

There are still some challenges, though.  Would you please make these a matter of prayer?

  • Though we have addressed this problem three or four times during the course of the project, there is still no permanent access road for us to get to our house.  We are still using the edge of our neighbor's field.  Even though there is no physical difficulty in making a driveway from the clinic to our house, changing the plans seems to be a MAJOR obstacle.  (Remember, tax dollars at work = red tape!)  Please pray that a suitable arrangement can be made, perhaps with our neighbor to make the track through the edge of his field a permanent road.
  • Between a long drought and construction, our water situation is becoming increasingly difficult.  We don't have running water any more, and even the tank where we fetch water is running low.  The end of the dry season is near.  Please join us in praying for rain!  Also, pray that a dependable well will be drilled!
  • For many years, the government has been promising the people of Matukeng (the village where we live) that they will bring electricity out this way.  So far these promises have been empty.  In order to completely comply with the standards set by the government for our clinic, electricity is necessary.  Please pray that all will go well with plans to bring electricity the last few miles to the clinic and our village!
  • Labor relations seem to be a bit of an ongoing problem for this project.  Early on, corruption created a strong distrust between management and laborers, and the relationship is still suffering even under the new contractor.  Please pray that this project will not experience any more strikes or delays.

The brick building on the left is the size of the old clinic.  The foundation in the foreground is larger than the original building.  I think this may house the maternity and maybe some other services.  The walls of this extension are now almost complete.

If you are interested in knowing more about Millennium Challenge projects in Lesotho, you can check out these websites:

Thank you for your prayers!

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