Tuesday, September 3, 2013

To Zambia and Back--Camping

I apologize that it has taken me so long to get another post on our blog.  I guess there has been a lot going on!  In spite of the risk of posting "stale news" I thought you might like a few pictures of the camping aspect of Zambia.
Uncle Piet loaned us this big tent.  It had ample room for the four of us and our suitcases.  

Food preparation with limited cooking/kitchen facilities is always a challenge.  The ladies did a great job of feeding us delicious food, though! Little folding camp tables are a tremendous blessing!
The big trailer that Uncle Piet uses to transport Bibles has a little "kitchen" built into the back of it.  There are drawers for food and utensils, and a little two-burner stove that slides out.  Here Kaitlyn is making tea for everyone on a Sunday afternoon.
Aunt Hester is a master at cooking over charcoal fires.

My mother made yummy cornbread fritters.

Steph made fried okra one night.

We stayed a variety of places ranging from primitive to very comfortable.  Some places had hot showers.  Some did not.  Where we stayed near Katima Molilu, Namibia, the water for the shower was heated in this wood-fired hot water heater known as a "donkey" in Southern Africa.

We had lots of good fellowship in spite of conditions that are less than convenient.
When we were in the markets selling Bibles, we often just made a quick peanut butter and syrup sandwich for lunch.  For the  brave, however, there are many street vendors happy to satisfy your appetite with all kinds of delicacies.  I certainly wasn't brave enough to try the mouse jerky, but we all enjoyed the french fries topped with raw  cabbage, tomato, and onion from this stand.  

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