Monday, March 18, 2013

Clinic Renovation

 Here are a few pictures from the clinic renovation work.  We would really like to ask for your special prayers for this project.  There has been a lot of problems, corruption, and poor management, and at one point it looked like we could be left with no clinic buildings at all.  We thank the Lord for intervening, and things are moving along again.  The buildings in these pictures are all "support buildings."  They have not started building the actual clinic yet.  Please keep praying!

Here the builders are taking down the scaffold from around one the the nurses' houses.  Two hours after I took this pictures, they had the roof on.  
The small buildings in the foreground are for "waiting mothers," TB patients, etc.  

This picture is taking from the other side of the clinic property from where the first two pictures were taken.  The clinic building will be between this foundations and the little house at the left of the picture.  I think they are planning to double the floor space from what we used to have.  
This is the house that was built on the foundation in the last picture.  The masons finished laying the brick and I suppose they will put the roof on this week.

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