Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our Weekend--Feb. 25 & 26

 On February 25, around 80 children from the different congregations came together for a day.  They all had something in common--they have lost one or both parents.  The church here and HIM worked together to plan this special time for orphans to have time with other orphans, their Sunday School teachers, and pastors (including Glenn).  Rachel Cutler, HIM missionary working in Lesotho with child evangelism, helped organize this important event along with other nationals.  The children played games, heard Bible stories, had a special meal, and felt loved and important.

One of the games was a relay--they had to find their shoes in the pile and put them on before running back to tag the next person.
The older children answering questions

Younger children having fun singing

 Then on the 26th, the girls and I went with Glenn to HaMokhachane, a church up in the mountains.  It was nice to be together as a family, since usually the girls and I are here at Matukeng on Sundays.  It was also very encouraging to see how God is working at this church.  Please pray that God will supply a pastor for this congregation.

The small tin church was full
Ladies' choir

Some of the children

Getting to know some of the children

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