Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Launch of TEE program in Lesotho

This past weekend was an important one for us members of the Lesotho TEE Programme Committee.  We officially launched the programme here in Lesotho! The committee has spent many years working towards this point, and we are so excited to have reached this important milestone.

What is TEE?
Rev. Joseph Mpakanyane
TEE stands for Theological Education by Extension.  It is a programme that takes Bible School right into peoples' homes if they cannot attend a regular Bible School or seminary.
How does it work?
The TEE books
The foundation of the programme is the TEE books that are being translated and published in Sesotho.  These are workbooks that are like a teacher talking to you and asking you questions.  You write the answers to the questions right in the book.  Each book is divided into 10 weeks and students are to study five days a week.  At the end of each week, students are to come together in small groups to discuss what they are learning.  The Lesotho TEE Programme Committee will also meet with these groups several times a year to check on their progress and administer tests.
What topics are covered?
Some of the participants.
People from at least twelve churches attended

Their are 23 books which cover the whole Bible and also teach ministry skills.  Just to list a few, there are four books on the Old Testament, two books on the Life of Christ, a pastoral ministries book entitled Molisa le Mosebetsi oa Hae and a book on evangelism. 
How can I learn more about this programme?

Rev. Saltiel (right) was the keynote speaker. 
You can use the "Contact Us" link on the side bar of our blog to e-mail your questions to us.  You may also contact Rev. Joseph Mpakanyane, the chairman of the committee, by phone.  His number is +266 2231 5527.

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