Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rain and More Rain!

Hi Everyone,

It's been a cloudy, rainy week in Lesotho! There was a little sunshine
last Sunday, but we didn't see it again until yesterday. Today was partly cloud for a while in the morning, but when we got out of church at 1:00pm people hurried to their homes trying to beat another rain storm. We had about 3 1/2 inches so far since Tuesday night. Our solar electric is pretty much run down, so I won't write much.

Monday I went to the South African High Commission in Maseru to once again try to get visas so we can get a border pass to cross into South Africa without standing in long lines. After waiting for quite sometime I was informed that our applications were good, but they would have to keep our passports at least 10 days because of the backlog of applications. Since we had to go to Ladybrand later in the week, I could not leave them that long. They suggested that I bring them back in a couple weeks because they will have finished the backlog which is
mostly related to students trying to get visas to study in South Africa. (Most universities open the new school year in February sometime.)

Thursday we went to Ladybrand. In the morning we did some errands and took care of business. In the afternoon we visited Miss Carol. Her sister was there so we enjoyed meeting her. We helped them move some of Miss Carol's things to storage in preparation for her to go on furlough next month. From there we went to Uncle Johan and Aunt Hessie's for a
birthday celebration for Kristen Bump and me. We had tacos. Yummy! We came home that evening because I had a lot to do on Friday.

Saturday I went with Nt. Pheko and some young men to Ha Thafeng to get a piece of land ready for a temporary tin church. On the way there, we got a message saying that we shouldn't put the tin church there because the owner of the property was a "dangerous" person. God gave us grace in the eyes of the chief who loaned us a part of his fallow field for the church. While we were there we also went with the chief to the counselor's house to work on getting a site of our own there. It seems like we will probably get one eventually. Both the chief and the counselor seemed favorable. So, instead of doing a hard days work moving rocks in the mud, we had meetings. It was all providential. (Or am I just lazy???) We hope to move the temporary church there in the next couple weeks.

Today we were at Matukeng for church. There were quite a few children and lady from Ha Teko visited for the first time. She stayed after the service for prayer. Some of the regular people weren't there. I'm not sure what kept them away.

Well, that's what's going on in Lesotho

Thanks for your prayers!

Glenn, Stephanie, & Kaitlyn Gault

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