Friday, February 27, 2009

Lesotho Update

Greetings from Lesotho,

  • The weekend Bible School opened with seven students last Friday.  We are expecting the total number of students to be around ten once everyone gets their schedules rearranged.  Praise the Lord for young men who want to prepare for the Lord's work!
  • We praise God for some good reports from several congregations.  One congregation in particular has gone through some big challenges recently when they lost their pastor to moral failure.  The people are unified and growing spiritually in spite of the problems.  Please pray that they will continue to serve God and grow!
  • Please pray for us tomorrow as we hold the funeral of the converted witchdoctor that we wrote about last month.  The immediate family is standing strong in salvation and has chosen to carefully avoid all forms of ancestor worship.  There will almost surely be opposition from extended family and friends since Mr. Mokhele was a witchdoctor.  Pastor Kali went there yesterday to help them.  I will be leaving early Saturday morning to join him.  Pray their faith will stay strong and that more people will be converted as a result of the funeral. 
  • On Sunday we are having the dedication of the church at Ha Seleso.  Please pray for God's blessing on the service.  The Pastor Molise anticipates quite a few visitors from the community. 
  • Please pray for Pastor Tsikane Pheko's big family.  He has taken in ten orphans this year!  The youngest girl (I think she's three or four years old) is HIV positive.  Praise the Lord that she is responding well to the anti-retro viral drugs.  She is getting much stronger again and is able to play with the other children and go to preschool. 
  • Lesotho has been getting lots of rain!  Almost every day it at least sprinkles a little.  Everything is beautiful and green, and the corn that survived the dry spring looks like it will do well.  The down side of the wet weather is that we have had to cancel a tent meeting.  When the soil saturated, the tent stakes pull out very easily whenever the wind blows. 

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