Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Planting a New Church

Back in November last year three girls by chance met Rev. Kali in Maseru. One of the girls was going blind as a result of witchcraft. They came up to Pastor Kali and asked him if he knew where they could find a saved pastor to pray for the girl who was going blind. He told them he was a pastor and saved and would be glad to pray for them. The owner of the shop where they met let them into a back room where they could pray. The girl was miraculously healed!

The people of the village where these girls lived started calling Rev. Kali begging him to come and hold a weekend tent meeting for them. Several people got saved, so we've been visiting them every few weeks since then.

During our Christmas conference, a dying witchdoctor came to Pastor Kali's house begging for prayer. He was on the verge of death, but knew he was not ready to die. Once again God worked a miracle. The witchdoctor was not only converted, but God also touched his body. As soon as the conference was over, he made arrangements for pastors to come to his home to help him burn all of his witchcraft paraphernalia. As a result of the burning and the service, his whole family was also converted! The round foundation wall is what was left of a hut that the witchdoctor used in some of his ceremonies. He asked the very boys who had come to these ceremonies to help him tear it down!

Two Sundays ago I visited this village with Rev. Kali. We found that Mr. Mokhele (the converted witchdoctor) still had a clear testimony to salvation even though he was once again very sick and weak. We prayed for another miracle of healing, but a few days later God saw fit to take him home to his eternal home in heaven. He will be sadly missed, but his testimony and remarkable conversion will not be forgotten. The picture is the little flock of believers who gathered the Sunday I was there. As I'm writing this Rev. Kali's assistant pastor from Ha Motheho is in the village with some other young people spending the week holding evangelistic campaigns and visiting door to door witnessing in the surrounding villages. Pray that this new little flock will grow in faith and numbers! God is at work in Lesotho!

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