Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Just a Quick Note

The VBS went very well. A big thanks to Debbie and Christy for the great job they did. Thursday 192 children came including two truck loads from Ha Motheho. The most Steph has ever had before was around 90. Some of the reasons for so many more children this year include peace between Matukeng and Ha Teko and the tent meetings we've held in Matukeng and Ha Teko. Also we've never brought so many children from Ha Motheho.

Debbie and Christy went back to South Africa Monday, so our house has been pretty quiet for the last two days. Yesterday was a holiday, so we both worked and relaxed. It was nice to spend some family time in the afternoon and evening.

Yesterday I built a shelf or small attic over the door of the new storage room. It's about 6" above the door and 3 1/2 feet wide. I had a couple pieces of 3/4 inch plywood to make the floor, and I had a piece of 3" diameter steel tubing to make the beam. Between the plywood and the steel tubing, it's strong enough to hold several hundred pounds, but I don't want to put heavy things there. We'll put extra boxes, suitcases, baby things, etc. there. It will free up the space under the work bench for tools, parts, etc.

We are hoping to get away for a night in Bloemfontein this weekend. We're planning to go Friday and come back Saturday afternoon. One of the tires on the Toyota was irreparably damaged by a rock or glass. I want to buy a new one while we're there since there are 1/3 less than I can get them for in Ladybrand. I also need to shop for a new camping tent or have the present one repaired. The tent is still in fair shape, but the zippers are shot, and one of the poles is broken. I think repairing it will cost as much or more as a new one, but the zippers they use are much stronger than the originals. (Zippers have proven to be the weak link in all our tents. They seldom last more than 3 years, but the canvas/plastic is still in good shape.) It's kind of a Catch 22. If I repair the zippers, something else may fall apart. We'll spend Friday night at a bed and breakfast and then go to the craft fair Saturday morning.

Well, we need to leave to go to Ladybrand.
Cheers! (as the British say.)

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