Thursday, March 1, 2007

Group Email

Steph is at the missionary ladies' Bible Study, so I'm writing the group e-mail today.  We came to town together.  Kaitlyn stayed with me so Steph could be free at the Bible study.  I'm sitting in the car at MAF's hanger.  A cool breeze is blowing for a change after several days of hot, calm days.  Kaitlyn is asleep.

For what it's worth, people are saying this is one of the hottest summers for a long time in South Africa/Lesotho.  I don't put a whole lot of stock in comments like these because we tend to forget other hot summers and cold winters.  Nevertheless, it has been HOT and very dry.  We haven't had significant rain for a month or more, and everything is just withering up.  A lot of corn fields will be a total loss, but a few people planted early enough that they'll get a decent harvest.  Last Sunday someone told me that they would have to slaughter there cows by June or July if we don't get a lot of rain between now and then.  Another young man told me he plans to sell his cows soon while prices are still good.

This has been a very busy week again, but I can't think of much news to write.  We finished up the incinerator yesterday except for installing the steel doors and grates.  Yesterday I had steel and cement delivered to start build the carport storage shed.  I can't remember if we told you that we're expecting a Mission Helps team at the end of March to help us put a roof on the back of our house and begin turning the storeroom into an efficiency apartment.  Before they come I have to get this storeroom built and move the stuff out of the present storeroom into the new one so we can remodel the old one.

The difficult case with the dishonest nurse at the clinic seems to be dragging on.  The police closed his illegal clinic and gave us back the drugs he stole from us that were left.  We are trying to avoid taking legal action at quite a financial loss to the clinic, but the outcome of everything isn't clear yet.  The way he talked to the church secretary earlier this week, it's like he's wanting to bring a law suit against the clinic somehow.

Monday next week several of the pastors and I are going to Kwasizabantu Mission near Durban for a pastors' conference and the first IHC in South Africa.  I'm not positive, but I think Bro. John Parker and Bro. Leonard Sankey are speakers at both conferences.  The pastors' conference is from Monday to Wednesday and I think the IHC starts on Thursday or Friday to Saturday or maybe Sunday.  We'll come back on Saturday afternoon/evening so that the pastors can be at their churches on Sunday.

The Lesotho Defence Force seems to be testing or repairing one of their helicopters. They start it up for a few minutes, then stop it again to do more work.

Kailtyn is talking more and more.  This morning she saw Munchkin chasing the cat and said, "Dog run fast."  She uses quite a few 3 and 4 words sentences.  We think she's going to be a real chatter box!

Well, I can't think of anything else to write, so I'll close.

Glenn, Steph, & Kaitlyn

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