Thursday, March 15, 2007

Group E-mail

Dear Everyone,
Steph started writing this e--mail, but all she did was put the addresses on it.  I guess I'll write a little, and then maybe she'll add some more if she has time.  This morning I worked at Matukeng until 12:00, then we came to Ladybrand after doing a couple errands in Lesotho on the way.  Steph took Michelle out for lunch for her birthday, so I have Kaitlyn for a while.

I've been busy working on the carport shelter at Matukeng.  I'm building it out of steel, so the all it needs now is the roof.  We started digging the foundation for the storeroom beside it today.  I think we will pour it tomorrow.  I've still got LOTS I want to get done before the Mission Helps team arrives next Friday!  Steph has been busy, too.  Tuesday she made pear butter.  I think she's also been doing some cooking for when we have visitors.

We're going to have a busy fall and winter.  After the building team leaves, it sounds like Christy Contreras and her friend Debbie Cawman will be visiting for a few weeks.  Debbie is working with Pilgrim Wesleyan Mission (Merrifields) and we think she's planning to eventually got to Mozambique.  We're not sure of all her plans, but she called Steph on Tuesday to ask if she could come here for a while when Christy is here.  Then in June and July a TLC team and another team from here in South Africa will be with us.  I think they will mostly be staying in Ladybrand and with Uncle Piet and Aunt Hester, but they will want to do outreaches and visit in Lesotho.  After they leave, we're planning to go to Zimbabwe with Bibles.

Not a whole lot worth writing about has happened since we e-mailed last Friday.  Sunday night was S.W. van der Merwe's "English" 21st birthday party.  (There is another celebration on the actually day for the rest of his relatives.  This one was for the missionaries.)  We had a really nice evening with him and spent the night at their house.  Monday morning we left early to go to Bloemfontein for Steph to get a tooth fixed.  As usual it was a long day, but we got a lot of errands done while we were there.  By evening, Kaitlyn was sick and tired of being in her car seat, so we took her to the Mc Donald's playland for a little while.  We got back to the van der Merwe's late, so we spent the night again there and came back to Lesotho first thing on Tuesday.  Tonight was supposed to be a school board meeting, but that got postponed.  I guess as soon as we get a few groceries, we'll head back to Lesotho.

Well, that's all I can think of.  Maybe Steph will add some more.
Love to all,
Glenn, Stephanie, & Kaitlyn

P.S.  The pictures are from Kwasizabantu.  It is a beautiful mission property.  The flowers come from their own nursery and gardens.  In the background of the other picture is the auditorium that seats 10,000 people.  The third one is self explanitory, I think.

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