Saturday, August 5, 2017

Mistaken Identity

Has anyone every thought you were somebody else?  It happened to me just last week.

On my way to church last Sunday, I saw an elderly gentleman who volunteers at our clinic walking to church with his grandson.  I gave them a lift the rest of the way to the church they were going to.  As we drove I tried to start a conversation with the five-year-old.  He smiled broadly, but never said a word, even when they got out.  After I left them, the boy asked his grandpa, "Where's Jesus going now that he left us here?"

edit:  There may be a cultural aspect to this post that wasn't clearly explained.  Several people seemed to have misunderstood!  The reason the boy mistook me for Jesus was because of my white skin and brown beard.  That's the way Jesus is normally portrayed in the images at his church.  😊

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