Friday, April 28, 2017

Two Years with Caleb Ts'epo

Can it be?  Already two years?  Only two years?  Thank you God for giving us Caleb Ts'epo.  He's a VERY special part of our family!  And perhaps the most special part of two years with Caleb is that we can apply for his immigrant visa now.  Please pray that everything will go quickly so he can go meet the rest of the family in America!
This boy loves anything that moves!  Trucks, tractors, bulldozers...
His Oupa Piet would say he's a "petrol head like his daddy!"

Fixing his motorcycle.  Good thing he has a sister to jack it up for him!
We celebrated the day with pizza!
Photo credit: Engage Media Team, November 2016

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Charity said...

What a gorgeous sweet boy!!! Happy two years with your family, Caleb!