Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Class of 2016

The graduation ceremony for the Covenant Bible College Class of 2016 was held as part of our annual Easter Conference.  Only four graduates managed to complete the four-year course!  We are very proud of their hard work and perseverance!  Join us in praying that they will be fruitful in God's Kingdom work.

Class of 2016
L to R:  Prof. Kali Nthabi, Pastor Ntutsoe Namane, Miss Lintle Maseka,
Mr. Ts'eliso Qhobosheane, Pastor Manti Matmane, and Prof. Glenn Gault 
Rev. Manti Matamane was the valedictorian.  He is HIM's
pastor at Mazenod.
After the service everyone was invited to enjoy a meal.
Samp (hominy), pumpkin, beets, pork, chicken and another salad
were on the menu.
The service was well attended.
Many people sat outside the tent on the ground.

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