Sunday, August 18, 2013

Jesus Passed By

This morning in church at Matukeng, I noticed that Jesus passed by our village.  Drunkards have been made sober.  The demon possessed have been set free.  Husbands and wives are talking to one another again.  Drug abusers are no longer addicted.  Bitter, angry people have learned to forgive.  Children are responding to the message of total surrender to Christ.

Jesus has walked among us!  Lives have been changed!

This morning, we officially welcomed these nine people who have gotten saved in the past three months into our fellowship at Matukeng.  (Four others could not be present because they work or study far away.)  Please pray for these brand new believers.  Also pray for Rev. Kali and his wife (below) as they disciple them.

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Misty Peterson said...

I really enjoy reading your updates on Facebook though I may not always comment. May God continue to bless your ministry there!

Wes & Misty Peterson