Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lesotho Update

 Dear Praying Friends,

Please join us in praising God for the answers to prayer below.  These are very encouraging to us!  Thank you for your faithfulness in bringing these requests to God!


  • We are so grateful to the Lord for complete deliverance from the enemy oppression our team was experiencing!  Thank you so much to everyone who prayed for us during this difficult time!
  • Praise the Lord for giving Lesotho the first peaceful, democratic transition of political power in history!  All except one of the other parties in the country joined a coalition to put the former ruling party out of power.  The man who has been prime minister for 15 years gracefully stepped down, and his party is participating in the new government as the opposition party instead of the ruling party even though they received many more votes than any of the other parties.  If you have any knowledge of African politics, you will see that this is clearly God at work!


  • Please pray much for the Marais'.  They are in the Western Province of Zambia distributing Bibles among the Lozi people.  The flood waters on the Zambezi river still have not receded, so they had to travel an extra 750 miles to get to these areas where Bibles are needed!
  • Please continue to pray much for the school in Ladybrand, South Africa.  We are still in need of teachers!
  • The congregation at Matukeng has been getting involved in servant evangelism.  People from the church have been volunteering their time to our neighbors to help them harvest their corn (by hand of course).  They have had some excellent opportunities to witness as they work.  Please pray that people will get saved!
  • As you pray, remember that faith is not a feeling.  It is built on the foundation of knowing God.  Our faith will be in proportion to how intimately we know God.  

May the Lord bless you!

Glenn, Stephanie, Kaitlyn, & Kristell Gault

Hope International Missions

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Drowner Pro said...

Thanks for your faithfulness! God bless your family!