Monday, June 4, 2012

Bibles For Africa

Yesterday I received a text message from Uncle Piet and Aunt Hester Marais.  They are in Katima Molilu, Namibia waiting for the rest of the shipment of Bibles they are expecting.  As soon as it arrives, they are planning to cross into Zamiba to distribute Lozi Bibles.

Use these pictures to help you pray:

Please pray for the availability of Bibles.  Several languages are out of print or unavailable for other reasons.  Particularly pray for Bemba Bibles!
Please pray for the timely shipment of Bibles.  We particularly need prayer with regards to Tonga Bibles for the Central Province of Zambia!
Pray that God would protect our vehicles and keep them running reliably!
Please pray for safety on the road!

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