Friday, January 6, 2012

Overview of December

December was busy, but enjoyable.  Here are several pictures showing some of the activities of the month.

Thabiso, Kaitlyn's friend, graduated from preschool on Dec. 3.

Kaitlyn and Thabiso with his mother, 'Me Manthabi, back home after the graduation

The girls had fun decorating the Christmas tree one night.

On Dec. 17 and 18, we attended the wedding of Bro. Majola, one of the pastors in Lesotho, and Sis. Pinkie, one of the church youth.
The new couple, Ntate Majola and 'Me MaT'soanelo

It was nice to celebrate Christmas with the other missionaries on Dec. 24.

On Christmas Day the Church of the Bible Covenant had a one-day conference.

Shepherd boys singing at the conference

January 1 was a special service at Matukeng with people from 3 congregations attending.

After the service, there was a feast to honor Thabiso's graduation.

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