Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Aquarium Keepers or Fishers of Men?

The following quotation has really made me think:

"Watch out for the signs of a dying Christian life.  Ask yourself, Am I sharing my faith?  Do I have only Christian friends?  Do I hang around the dead, the diseased, and the lost?  If you and the members of your church have forsaken your duty to reach back into the world, I can promise you your church will start to divide, to backbite, and to fight over nonessential Chrtian issues like hymnal selection and carpet colors.  You will become keepers of a Christian aquarium instead of fishers of men.  Your church will be on the way to spiritual death.  In fact, I can prophesy in any church or to any believer without fear of being in error that if you choose not to evangelize, individually or collectively, your church will fossilize."

   --William Fay in Share Jesus Without Fear