Monday, May 17, 2010

Ladies' Retreat

Oops! I wanted to post these pictures last week (thanks Amrie for some of the pics), but couldn't get some of them to post. Sorry. (I'm still learning how to put things on the blog. Glenn has been the one doing most of the blogging.)

Here's our group from the retreat, left to right--
Amrie Geise, Gwen Geise, Stephanie and Kristell Gault,
Hessie van der Merwe, Michelle Waterson.
Notice the scarlet leaves which covered one whole wall of the mill building we stayed in.

We went to a place called Don-Don, an old mill.
We stayed in a part called the Old Shop

which had been renovated into this lovely guest house.

Aunt Hessie grilled for all of us one night--
the mutton chops and sausage were delicious!

We all had a very nice time talking, laughing,
praying, walking, and relaxing together.

Kristell really enjoyed the walk!

Thank you to each one who gave so we could have this
special weekend!

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