Monday, April 26, 2010

Where did fall go? I took this picture of the girls just last Sunday. It was a beautiful day. But our nice, warm fall weather turned cold the last few days! The temperature was in the 30's first thing some of the mornings. If the sun shines the world warms up, but when it's overcast it feels like winter weather. :( Yesterday we all wore jackets to church. I know it's inevitable, but I do not like cold and winter!

I have wanted to organize a retreat for our team ladies for several months now. It's finally working out, and this weekend 5 of us will be going on a little retreat. Please pray that it will be a relaxing time for us. Some money has already been promised to cover the expenses, and we trust that more will come in. If you feel that God wants you to give towards this retreat, you can send the donation to HIM, marked "South African Ladies Retreat". I'll be posting some pictures of the retreat next week.

Thank you to each one of you out there that prays for us here in Lesotho. We appreciate you so much!

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Janet said...

What a precious picture of the girls!