Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kristell is 6 months old!

Kristell turned six months on the 27th of January. Just yesterday I looked at how big she was and couldn't believe that when she was born I could comfortably hold her in one arm. God has been so good to us!

She likes to swing outside especially if the other children are playing where she can see them.

By comparison, Kaitlyn (above) was sitting up shakily by the time she was six months and was quite a bit bigger. But their faces do look similar.

Last week while I was studying in my study, Kaitlyn came with her tea set and tea tray to ask if I would care for a cup of tea. She's definitely picked up on that part of the South African culture.

Today Kristell fell asleep on my lap. She really likes her dummy/pacifier, but if it's not available, then a thumb will do.

From the ministry angle of our lives, we've been keeping busy. I taught the last lecture of the hermeneutics class that I've been teaching at the Bible School on Friday and next week they will take the final exam. I always feel like there is so much I didn't cover in a class like this and wish there were a few more weeks for more lectures. That's not an option, though. Time marches on!

Today there was a new lady in church who got saved a couple weeks ago. Her younger sister got saved through Stephanie's children's services several years ago. I didn't get to talk to them much, but I think the older sister came to the Lord as a result of the witness of her younger sister. It's encouraging to see how God is working in the lives of people here.

Tomorrow I'm going to a workshop in Maseru on helping people to start income-generating projects. One of the biggest challenges with helping orphans is how to help them become independent, help themselves, and not always be looking for handouts from others. I am hoping that I can find some answers and ideas through this workshop which is sponsored by African Inland Mission.

Tuesday we have dentist appointments in Bloemfontein and Kristell has her 6-month check-up with her pediatrician. I'm sure it will be a super busy day.

Thanks so much for your love, prayers, and e-mails!


Kristin Bump said...

Both of the girls look adorable! Can't believe Kristell is six months already!

We enjoyed having Steph's parents with us some last week!

Anonymous said...

nice post. I would love to follow you on twitter.

Bro. Pheello Majola said...

The hermeneutics class you taught was really wonderful! AS an Allumini of the Covenant Bible College, I Iearned a lot of things as I was interpreting for you.May the good Lord gratify you dramatically...