Sunday, January 24, 2010

Not much

Here's a few little newsy items from our lives recently.

You never know how much you miss something until you have to do without it! Our refrigerator gave up the ghost the first week of January, and it took almost two weeks to get it repaired since it works off of propane instead of electricity. The only person I have found who can work on this type of refrigerator is a jack-of-all-trades in the tiny village of Tweespruit, South Africa, about 50 miles away. I don't know if it actually took two weeks to clean the carbon out of the little tubes on the back of the fridge, or if he was so busy fixing cars, selling gasoline, and patching tires that he just didn't get around to working on it. Anyway, we're glad that it's back and working again!Here the new school year starts in January instead of September. Thabiso is back to school (preschool for him) along with most of the rest of the children in the village, so it's been quiet around our place. Steph is doing preschool/kindergarten work with Kaitlyn again, too. She really enjoys it most of the time, but her attention span is still developing. In the afternoons she usually plays with Thabiso. I think their favorite activity is pushing each other (or better yet being pushed by an adult) on the swing in the oak tree outside the front door.
Last week on Wednesday we visited Steve and Gwen Geise out at the farmhouse where they moved. It's a very quiet, relaxing spot in the country, and we enjoyed spending the night with them. As usual, there was plenty of mission business to discuss, but we also enjoyed a barbecue, homemade cinnamon rolls, and a short walk around the farm. The kids really enjoyed playing with legos and riding bikes.

This coming week promises to be a busy one as usual. I am hoping to start the process of getting indefinite residence permits for Lesotho. If we can get them, we won't have the hassle of renewing them every two years, and we will also be able to get a 6 month's border pass that will save us hours of standing in line when we go to South Africa. As the Lord reminds you, please help us pray that this process will be successful. Thanks!


Rex and Missy McDowell said...

That's a really cute picture of your daughter and her little friend. I hope that things go well with your residency. That kind of stuff can be fun to work on.

Bro. Pheello Majola said...

The amount of time & the great care you are showing to your family is really challenging to me as a young person!