Sunday, August 2, 2009


Today was a big day for both Kristell and Kaitlyn. Kristell is off all the breathing assistance, and Kaitlyn finally got to see her baby sister. Kaitlyn was very excited and I think a baby sister is now a reality in her mind.
What color is that hair? It's definitely brown, but it's still a little hard to tell exactly what color since she hasn't had a bath yet.
Here's a little better look at her face. Her cheeks and temples are still red and irritated from the tape that held the breathing tubes and everything, but she looks a little better than when she had on the alien helmet and sun glasses. Her grasping reflex still hasn't developed yet, but once in a while her hand will close over a finger, an IV line or something.


Sherri said...

We are praying for you all! Please keep the pictures coming. It has been wonderful to see the awesome progress thus far.

Sherri Wolfe
Hobe Sound, FL

Marea P said...

We have been on vacation & did not find out about Stephanie & baby until today. We will continue to pray for you all!

Marea Pouzar
Lima, OH

Steve And Gwen Geise said...

So happy to see the progress. We'll keep praying for you all.