Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MRI Results

The doctor told Steph this morning that the MRI showed two very small bleeds in Kristell's brain. He is 95% sure she won't have noticeable brain damage. If there is any problem it will likely be with her fine motor skills. We are praising the Lord that nothing too negative turned up. Thanks for praying!

A few people have asked how a newborn baby drinks from a cup. Here's one of the nurses helping Kristell drink.

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Jennifer said...

Glenn and Stephanie, My understanding is that they want the preemies to drink from a cup to keep them from losing their ability to nurse...the bottle would confuse them,right?...I had a niece born 13 weeks early almost nine years ago...she went through four years of intense therapy and today she runs, jumps, talks, hears, sees, and is a normal little girl...she reads and writes and is super intelligent...your little Kristell is going to do just fine!!!! I believe in miracles...I have seen it first hand...Stay encouraged...the fine motor skills can be trained with therapy....basically the part of the brain that has the bleed is damaged, but the human brain has the capacity to be trained in those same skills in another area of the brain...instead of automatic it is a learned skill...and that may not even be the case for Kristell, she might do it on her own!!!....Love you guys, Pastor Alan and Jennifer Christner