Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hello from Stephanie!

Just a quick note! You haven't heard from us for about 2 weeks I
think. That's because Glenn's in Zambia, and I haven't gone to
Ladybrand yet.

I'm sure Glenn will have a report for you as soon as possible when he
gets back. I'll try to update you a little bit.

I think Glenn wrote that Uncle Piet's engine was damaged so he and Uncle
Johan had to go to Bloemfontein the Saturday before Glenn left. He was
able to get parts for Uncle Piet. Monday and Tuesday Glenn, and 3 other
people, drove through South Africa and Botswana. Then Wednesday they
went into Zambia and met Uncle Piet at Divundu to fix his truck. I
think they arrived at Divundu about 2pm and Glenn and Uncle Piet worked
on the truck got it running by 10:30pm.

Then they all went back to Katima Molilu, Namibia on Thursday. This is
where they were supposed to meet in the first place to get the Bibles.
On the way Glenn's water pump went out so he had to get a new one and
put it in Friday morning. From there they went up to Livingstone,
Zambia which is where they planned to work this year. They arrived
Friday evening. Saturday they went to the Seventh Day Adventist
church. I assume they sold some Bibles that day too. Sunday they went
somewhere to church. Then Monday through Thursday they sold Bibles.

Thursday morning Glenn told me that there were still 1600 Bibles to be
sold so we needed to pray that the Bibles would really sell that
Thursday. Usually they put 1000 Bibles on each truck. Glenn needed to
leave at 5:30am Friday morning (today) to start back to Katima Molilu,
Namibia to pick up the caravan/camping trailer and then come back
through Botswana and South Africa. So the rest of the Bibles will have
to stay with Uncle Piet. I haven't heard anything since Thursday morning.

Glenn is planning to be back to Lesotho Sunday night. The two ladies
that went with him (from Ladybrand) only had two weeks off work. That's
why Glenn is only gone for 2 weeks this time. I'm not complaining!

Kaitlyn and I have been just fine. I have been able to get some things
done around the house and some overdue correspondence done. We have had
a quiet time, but a nice time. Then yesterday (Thursday) the two of us
came here to Aunt Hessie and Uncle Johan's to spend a little time.
There's a house full with some other visitors too. Kaitlyn and I will
spend today here too, and then Saturday we will go to Ladybrand do some
shopping and send email from Michelle Asbell's house.

I guess that wraps it. We've had very nice weather the last week or so,
and I'm glad for that.

Thank you for your prayers and your love!

Have a good weekend,

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