Friday, June 13, 2008

News from Lesotho

Hello to all our friends and family!
I think it's been a while since you heard from us and it will probably
be a few weeks before you hear from us again! On June 17, we have a TLC
team coming until July 7 so I'm not sure how much time we'll have to

Glenn has been very busy getting ready for the team. The toilet and
sink needed to be put into the apartment. The walls needed to be
painted too. We have decided to invest in a solar water heater so that
needed to put up and plumbed. I've been rearranging things in our house
to accommodate 10 people. (Yes, the house will be very full. I don't
think anyone will have to sleep in the bathtub though!)

Yesterday (Thursday) we went to Bloem to do some shopping before the
team comes. We spent the night with Aunt Hester and Uncle Piet. It was
nice to visit with them. Now we are in Ladybrand for some shopping.
Glenn needed a chest X-ray for our residence permits so he got that
today. We will also pick up some mattresses and maybe blankets to use
for the team.

Please continue to pray about our residence permits. Glenn may try on
Wednesday to get them. In the meantime our passports are getting full of
stamps. I joke that we'll have to add more pages before we even get our
permits, but it's not that far from reality either! We also have heard
that we can no longer get 6-month border passes on the South African
side unless we pay almost R500 per person every 6 months (about $75?).
If we don't get them, we'll have to stand in a line every time we go in
and out of South Africa. About two weeks ago, we stood in a line for 2
hours to get to Manyatseng where Glenn was supposed to preach. We
didn't get there till 12pm which is when the preacher starts preaching.
I guess once we have Lesotho permits we'll see what the truth is about
the South African side.

Some of you maybe heard that Kaitlyn's been sick again. She is doing
quite a bit better but still only eating soft foods. (She had strep
throat and a lot of mouth sores so that she wouldn't eat or drink.) So
far Glenn and I are doing alright.

Please remember us and the team in the next 3 weeks. They are very
excited about visiting South Africa/Lesotho and we're very excited to
have them with us. They will be doing some outreaches in Lesotho, a
VBS, some manual projects, and some sightseeing. Pray that God will use
them in a special way while they are with us.

Trusting you all will have a wonderful weekend. May God bless you for
your prayers and love!



Rex and Missy McDowell said...

I will be praying for your paperwork situation and that God will make the TLC trip a blessing. We had a TLC team visit us when we were missionaries in Costa Rica, and it was a great experience.

Wesley Gault said...

Greetings from stinky LA. I miss the fresh smell of CO mtns; I guess it's decaying vegetation etc. I got to land on a barge the other day; weird to land so close to the waves and on a surface moving up and down. Glad Katy is better and hope the res permits/visa thing irons out soon. Love and prayers always, W.

collette said...

Enjoyed reading your blog this evening, and just wanted to drop a line. You are in our thoughts and prayers as you minister there in Lesotho and elsewhere. May God give you daily strength and encouragement to keep on carrying the load you carry.

I just love the pics of Kaitlyn...she is getting so big and is a doll.

Take care,
Philip & Collette

Stephanie said...

Hello -
Hope that you are all doing well. I heard good things about the TLC team's visit to you all. I had a good trip. Learned so much!! I think of you guys often...

The Other Steph