Friday, May 16, 2008

A quick note

Hi! This is really short because we're running late.

We're still in the process of getting permits. Yesterday we couldn't go
to town because someone was working to get our permits and had our
passports. Today we're in town to get a letter signed by Uncle Piet.
One more requirement for the permits. Please pray that we will get our
temporary residence permits otherwise we can't live in Lesotho.

Philip is coming to visit us this weekend. We're looking forward to that.

Last Sunday Glenn went to a funeral. I didn't go with Kaitlyn because I
don't think little children go to funerals. The funeral turned out bad
with a gang/political group running in and taking the coffin out of the
tent. It was rather strange and not respectful at all.

This Sunday Glenn will be going to the newest preaching point. Please
pray that God will work in that village and speak to hearts.

We're all doing well physically. The weather has been beautiful--a bit
cool in the mornings and evenings--but not like when we first came
back. We are enjoying it very much!

Thank you for your prayers! We'll be in touch.


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