Friday, May 9, 2008

Another Week in Africa

Hi! Thought I'd write a little group email quickly. This week has been busy, but today we're relaxing a bit.

Yesterday we went to Bloem and came back for supper at the van der Merwe's and then spent the night. It's always so nice to be with them, and now we're just relaxing and visiting.
Glenn has been working on our vehicles. Monday he was grinding something and got a piece of steel in his eye. It wouldn't come out, so we went to Ladybrand Tuesday, so he could see a doctor. Kaitlyn ended up seeing the doctor too. She had a bit of a cold and then a very tight cough. Monday night and Tuesday she was wheezing pretty badly so I was glad she could see the doctor. She has bronchitis and is on antibiotic now. The doctor gave her a breathing treatment. Even last night she was wheezing, but I think she's doing some better today.

We were able to visit with Tannie Anna on Tuesday. We also saw Miss Carol and Michelle for a bit. After shopping, we ended up going to KFC to visit Philip and Jeremy so that was nice too.

We got almost 50 mm of rain last Saturday and Sunday. It was nice to have the rain, but it's hard to get used to a cold house again. Yesterday and today have been very nice though so I can't complain.

keep me busy too! She likes telling Thabiso what to do and not to do so that's a challenge for me. One of her 2 year molars came through about 2 weeks ago. Another one is about to come through and the others are on their way.Kaitlyn is having fun playing with Thabiso almost every day. They keep very busy and We'll be glad when that's over since she gets sick and keeps us up at night!

I can't think of a lot of news today. I guess we're still in the unpack, get back-to-normal mode right now. Glenn will go to a 7am meeting tomorrow. There is a funeral in Matukeng this Sunday. The family have asked our church to hold the funeral. Ntate Pheko will come also to help preach.

I trust you will all have a nice weekend! Thank you for praying for us. We really appreciate the prayers.


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