Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Lesotho Prayer Update

The Lesotho Update is an e-mail prayer update that we try to send out about every two weeks. We will also post it here, and gradually point people to our blog instead of e-mailing it.

Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you for your prayers even though it has been some time since we've written and update. Often we need the most prayer when we don't have a chance to write. This has been one of those times. We are writing from the hospital in Bloemfontein, South Africa. Kaitlyn is in with pneumonia. After 24 hours on an IV she's doing much better, and we really hope she'll get out tomorrow.

  • Praise God that Kaitlyn is responding well to treatment in the hospital.
  • We had a really nice month-long visit in America. It was so nice to be with family again! We also enjoyed getting acquainted with a new niece and a second cousin. Of course Kaitlyn enjoyed getting to know people though she was a bit shy at first. We praise God for blessing us with this wonderful time!
  • The pole barn tabernacle has been erected at Ha Matala. It still needs a few days work before the Christmas conference, but we are so pleased to have a permanent place to hold conferences. It will save a lot of work hauling and pitching a tent, and will be some much better in bad weather!
  • Please keep praying for Kaitlyn (and us.) We're all tired and not feeling the best. Glenn has a cold and sinus infection, and Stephanie has been having some problems with an swollen, inflamed knee.
  • Please pray especially for the clinic. One of the nurses (a professing Christian) has done some very dishonest and illegal things. Pray for us as we make decisions. We want to be redemptive but we must also look out for the interests of the clinic and it's patients. Please pray especially for the spiritual well-being of this nurse.
  • Earnestly pray for Hope Christian Academy in Ladybrand. It is scheduled to open in January, but we still haven't received a necessary zoning change from the town council. This is a very urgent request, and needs serious intercession! Only God can move the hearts of the council members to make a decision before they go for their Christmas vacations.
We are so grateful for your partnership in the spiritual battles we face! May God bless you!

Glenn, Stephanie, and Kaitlyn Gault
Hope International Missions

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