Thursday, December 7, 2006

Back to Africa


We're back home! I guess we have some mixed emotions about it, but it's good to be back in our house. Kaitlyn came down with a cold on the way. She was pretty miserable. It didn't help that we couldn't get bulkhead seats either, but we all survived.

We haven't slept a whole lot since we got home. With Kaitlyn teething, being sick, in a new place again, etc. she's kept us up several hours every night. Her cold is pretty bad, so please pray for her. Now Steph and I are getting it too.

Another prayer request comes from the clinic. One of the nurses who professes to be a Christian has been treating patients while he's on leave and on his days off using stolen drugs. When we confronted him (last night) he lied repeatedly, and we had evidence to prove he was lying. It was all very sad. We still don't know how big the problem is, but we do know he's stealing more drugs than just from our clinic. This situation needs a lot of prayer and wisdom. We want to be as redeemptive has possible, but some of the things he has done put our clinic in danger.

The top picture is of Kaitlyn and Thabiso. They seem happy to see each other. Here's one of us with Grandma Miller. We really enjoyed seeing her on our way to the airport!

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